EDFmodel designed RC airliners

If you have a passion for RC airliner design, then our own kits may interest you. Through 2003 - 2012 EDFmodel.com designed and manufactured several RC airliner models. All of these models are now out of production.

The number of EDF powered RC airliners available is small. Fortunately over recent years more airliner model manufacturers have emerged. However they seem to disappear, as in the case of the Windrider's Boeing 777 & 787 RC planes.

There are even fewer manufacturers of model Turbine RC airliners. One of the few resources available is the Norbert Rauch site which offers a series of 1/16 scale Turbine RC jetliners, supplied as part fiberglass kits.  

All available RC airliner kits can be viewed here.


EDFmodel design history