RCrange is a site for those who have a passion for RC model planes. RCrange allows you to see if a particular scale RC plane is available and where it can be purchased. There are thousands of RC planes to view. RCrange itself does not offer RC planes for sale.

Our purpose is to allow RC aircraft enthusiasts to answer these questions:
a. Is a particular aircraft available as a RC plane? This question is often asked on model forums.

b. What range of RC planes are available? Nitro, Electric or Turbine powered? ARF, PNP, BNP or a Kit RC plane?

c. Where can I find a particular RC plane? 

Within this site links are provided to various on-line retailers offering RC planes from around the world. RCrange has no current association with any of these retailers.

Alongside the links to RC planes, indicative costs are provided for particular model. However, RCrange is not a price comparison website. Costs associated with models are indicative costs only. On-line retailers frequently update costs whether offering a sale price or a seasonal pricing structure. Further, retailers offer pricing in local currencies and these prices often exclude shipping costs and any import tax duty payable. Any ‘indicative cost’ provided is exactly that – an indication of likely costs for a particular RC plane.

Additionally within this site are a series of RC Plane design articles and details of several airliner models. EDFmodel produced a range of custom built model airliners from 2003 - 2012. None of these models are now available. This material is available as reference material only.

RCrange.com is a trade name of EDFmodel.com which has been continuously published in various formats since 1995.

Another site developed is VietnamEnglish - online Business English for Vietnamese professionals.