RC Ilyushin Il-62 Plane

The Ilyushin Il-62 RC plane is scaled upon the Russian designed airliner manufactured by the Kazan Aircraft Production Association.

Model Availability 

Unfortunately there are few resources for commercially available EDF or turbine RC airliners.

One resource is the Norbert Rauch site which offers a series of fibre-glass Turbine RC airliners.

The models are suppliers as part model kits only. All the models are built with the same three initial building blocks. Fiberglass nose & tail cones together with engine nacelles. Foam cores for the center fuselage, wings, horizontal stabilisers & retracts are provided by other individuals who are linked from his site. It is then up to the modeller to complete the model from drawings.

Click the model retailer link model below to view the RC II-62C specifications and part details.

The Best YouTube Videos of the Ilyushin Il-62 RC Model


Retailers offering the Ilyushin Il-62 RC Model

Jet Turbine

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