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RCrange is a knowledge base for thousands of consumers whose passion is Radio Controlled Planes. They are frequently planning a purchase while searching for models, specifications and reliable suppliers.

Our purpose is to allow RC aircraft enthusiasts to answer these questions: 

a. Is a particular aircraft available as a RC plane? This question is often asked on model forums.

b. What range of RC planes are available? Nitro, Electric or Turbine powered? ARF, PNP, BNP or a Kit RC plane?

c. Where can I find a particular RC plane? 

Reaching your target audience -advertising campaigns 

A good number of our visitors are interested in making a purchase. We offer: 

a)    Tailored Ad campaigns through discussion with us. Talk to us. What type of RC Plane modeller are you trying to reach? Are they modellers interested in War birds or Aerobatic RC Planes? 

b)    You purchase fixed specific advertising space(s) for a certain period of time that are reserved for you. Your Ads are displayed on every page download.

For example, you may choose to place an Ad selling a P-51 Mustang kit on the North American P-51 Mustang page  This page lists available P-51 RC planes available for purchase from various retailers. Alternatively you may be planning the release of a newly manufactured RC plane and wish to advertise its pending release. 

c)    You purchase specific advertising space(s) for a certain period of time. Your Ads are rotated within that space alongside other advertisers.

Advertising space we sell (illustrated in purple)

RCrange homepage – users select a Civilian or Military RC plane

RC plane category page – users select a particular RC plane 

RC plane selection page – users follow links to a RC plane offered for sale.

RCrange homepage - Desktop

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RCrange homepage - Mobile (Android & iOS) 

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RC plane category page - Desktop

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RC plane category page - Mobile (Android & iOS)

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RC plane selection page -Desk

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RC plane selection page - Mobile (Android & iOS) 

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Ad sizes

The RCrange website has been built with the latest web design technology that works across all Desktop, Mobile Phone and Tablet devices. This means our advertising space can accommodate responsive Ads. Your Ads will automatically adapt their size to fit any page layout. Here are some suggested Ad sizes:


Top banner: 728 x 90 pixels
Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels
Small insider: 180 x 150 pixels

Mobile (Android & iOS App)
Mobile banner slim: 320 x 50 pixels
Mobile banner broad: 320 x 160 pixels

How Ads are managed

You work directly with RCrange when you advertise – there is no third-party tags used when advertising on RCrange. Ads are hosted on our server managed by us. This means even if browsers have an Ad blocker turned on, your Ads will still display. Statistics from the campaigns can be managed by monitoring the number of out-links from RCrange using Google Analytics and by you viewing the amount of traffic from RCrange.


Prices are quoted upon application. Advertising campaigns are charged over a fixed period of time or on a monthly basis. Payment is made using PayPal.

If you wish to advertise please Contact



Conditions of Advertising
1. Campaigns are fixed without the opportunity to cancel mid campaign.
2. File formats required are GIF or JPG. We do not allow Ads that play sound, Flash or interact with browsers. We require that the links open in a new window.
3. Ads that reference gambling, pornography, money trading schemes or material we find not suitable or unethical will not be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse Ads that do not match our site content without reason.
4. Ads that are displayed on our site do not imply an endorsement of the product or service advertised.
5. Any Ad must make it very clear which company or organization supports the service or product.
6. RCrange reserves the right to update these terms as and when required without notice. Last updated February 2017