RC Boeing 777 Plane

The B777 RC plane is scaled upon the American designed airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA).

Model Availability

The list of commercially available EDF & Turbine powered RC model airliners is small.

Fortunately over recent years more airliner model manufacturers’ have emerged. However the planes seem to become unavailable quickly, as in the case of the Windrider’s 777 RC planes.

Windrider produced a EPO RC 777 model some time ago, but it is no longer listed on their website. Perhaps Ming of Windrider will bring the 777 back. Check model availability with the two links below on a regular basis answer would be the best advice.

Additionally EDFmodel’s out-of-production RC 777 may be seen here.


The Best YouTube Videos of the Boeing 777 RC Model

Electric Ducted Fan

Electric Ducted Fan

Retailers offering the Boeing 777 RC Model

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