EDFmodel's RC Airbus A320 airliner 

The A320 RC Airliner was manufactured between 2010-2013 by EDFmodel.com. This model is no longer available. 

A320 RC airliners that are available maybe seen here.

Model description - 313

Every A320 airliner was a custom built Almost-Ready-to-Flymodel model. The A320's design was a combination of traditional construction and unique EDFmodel assembly techniques. Some good modelling experience was required.

Wingspan: 1400mm (4.6 Ft), length 1250mm (4.25 Ft), Weight: AUW 1950g (4.3 lb).


A320 RC Airliner_Ethad


A320 RC Airliner_Virgin America

A320 RC Airliner_Ethad2


A320 RC Airliner_Ethad3


Control surfaces: All moving tail plane, inboard fowler flaps, ailerons, rudder and steerable nose wheel.

Hardware: EDFmodel fans, brushless motors, speed controllers, retractable undercarriage, lighting system & servos.

Model finish: Airliner decals could be selected from existing graphic designs or a standard white configuration. 

Model assembly: To complete the final assembly of the model and a successful flight will require the input of a moderately experienced modeller.The A320 airliner was shipped in several sub-assemblies requiring final assembly upon arrival. Installation of the receiver and battery was required.The final assembly should took less than a day. 

Retractable wheels: The DSR-46 retractable undercarriage set with controller. The  nose doors opened and closed. The rear main undercarriage retracts into recessed in the lower fuselage body.

Flaps: Inboard Fowlertype flaps - as the flap continues to extend its angle progressively increases.

Lights: 2 x Red fuselage strobes lights, 2 x Wing landing lights, 2 x Wing tip Green/Red lights

Hardware: 2 x 313 EDFmodel fans, 2 x 4900 kv brushless motors, 2 x 30 Amp controllers, 4 X Hitec HS-45HB servos, 1 x Hitec HS-56HB servos, 2 x Hitec HD-35 servos, 1 x DSR-30 retractable undercarriage set with controller, 1 x Castle 10 Amp BEC, 1 x lights and controller

Power setup: On a 3s battery the engine & fan combination will sink at full throttle 60 Amps, producing 620 watts. This translates into approximately 1100g (2.4 lbs) of static thrust. A 3300 mAH battery will provide a flight time upwards of 7 minutes if the model is flown in a slow airliner like fashion.


A320 RC Airliner_Ethad4


A320 RC Airliner_Ethad5

A320 RC Airliner_Ethad6


A320 RC Airliner_wing

A320 RC Airliner_Engine