EDFmodel's RC Lear Jet 

This RC Lear Jet was manufactured in 2006 EDFmodel.com. This model is no longer available. 


Model description - 305

This RC Lear Jet was a kit form RC plane with a combination of traditional construction and unique EDFmodel assembly techniques. Some good modelling experience was required.

Wingspan: 1016 mm (40"), length 950 mm (30"),Weight: 880 -1020g (1.9 - 2.2 lb).



RC Lear Jet 11


Control surfaces: All moving tail plane, ailerons, rudder and steerable nose wheel.

Undercarriage: Fixed landing gear with a steerable nose wheel is provided. With 1" rear foam wheels the model will happily take off from smooth grass or a tarmac surface.

Hardware: Batteries -Hacker option 3s 2100mAh (16-22C) or 4s Polyquest 1800mAh (16 -22C) for aerobatic performance, 2 x ight weight, 4S rated, 25 Amp BEC controllers, 1 x Hitec HS-55, 3 x HS-56HB.

Power setup: Two WeMoTec micro fans and two Hacker E-flite Series Brushless motors E3- 37 3700Kv. Both motors produce 480g of thrust at around 15.5amps on a 3s setup. A 4s setup will produce a total of 840g at 26 Amps. Both setups produce a high thrust to weight ratio with short take-offs.



RC Lear Jet 1