RC Planes available for Pioneers of flight

This list illustrates available Pioneers of Flight RC planes.

Antoinette VII
Bleriot XI
Curtiss Model D
Deperdussin 1910 monoplane
Etrich Taube
Santos-Dumont Demoiselle
Spirit of St. Louis
ARF & Kit
The Wright Brothers Wright Flyer - 1903

Model Availability Scale

- A Limited number of RC plane manufacturers. 
- Few RC plane manufacturers. 
- A good range of RC plane manufactures. 
 - A popular RC model.

Available Model Formats

ARF - Almost-Ready-to-Fly. Additional items are needed to complete the model such as motors & servo’s. Some model assembly work is required.
RTF - Ready-to-Fly.  The model is ready to fly as packaged within its box. Little model assembly work is required.
BNF - Bind-N-Fly. The model is provided with everything needed to fly except the transmitter. You bind your transmitter to the receiver in the model.
PNP - Plug-N-Play. The model comes with everything you need but without a transmitter, receiver battery and charger.
AS3X - A stability technology branded by Spektrum and offered in their Receivers.
SAFE - Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope -a stability technology.

All aircraft photos courtesy of https://commons.wikimedia.org and/or available in the public domain. Send feedback.