EDFmodels's RC Boeing 777 airliner

This 777 RC Airliner was manufactured as a kit by EDFmodel in 2006-10. The 777 airliner was the continued development work for EDFmodel after the 303 airliner. This model is no longer available. Unfortunately no other manufacturer makes this RC plane.

Model description -307

The RC 777 was supplied both in kit form an a custom built Almost-Ready-to-Fly model model. The 777's design was a combination of traditional construction and unique EDFmodel assembly techniques. Some good modelling experience was required.

Wingspan: 6.5 ft (1970 mm), Length 6.2 ft (1895 mm), Weight AUW 8.5 lbs (3.9kg).

Boeing 777 RC Airliner Cathay Pacific


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Emirates2


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Engine


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Emirates5

Control surfaces: All moving tail plane, inboard flaps, ailerons, rudder and steerable nose wheel.

Model finish: Airliner decals could be selected from existing graphic designs or a standard white configuration.  

Retractable wheels: DSR-46 retractable undercarriage set with controller. Nose doors open and close.

Flaps: Inboard type flaps . 

Lights: 2 x Red fuselage strobes lights, 2 x Wing landing lights, 2 x Wing tip Green/Red lights

Hardware: 2 x Typhoon 600-33 brushless motors in parallel, 2 x  50 Amp speed controllers such as the Com Pro TMM 5024-3 OPTO, 2 x WeMoTec Midi fans (90 mm), 1 x lights and controller, 2 x Hitec HS-45HB (aileron), 1 x Hitec HS-85MG sub micro servos (elevator), 1 x Hitec HS-56HB feather standard servos (retracts),DSR-60 retractable undercarriage set.

Power setup: A total of 7s1p using two separate 3s1p and 4s1p 3300 mAh 20-30C (50 bursts) batteries in series.The power setup of the 777 was excellent with a high thrust-to-weight ratio producing short take-offs.

Boeing 777 RC Airliner Emirates4


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Emirates1

Qatar  RC 777 airliner1


Qatar  RC 777 airliner

Boeing 777 RC Airliner Emirates


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Emirates3

Qatar  RC 777 airliner2


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Virgin Atlantic

Boeing 777 RC Airliner Cathay Pacific2


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Cathay Pacific1

Boeing 777 RC Airliner Emirates6


Boeing 777 RC Airliner Cathay Pacific3

RC 777 airliner video


Composite of several 777 EDF RC airliner models.


777 EDF RC airliner maiden flight.