EDFmodel's RC Airbus A340 airliner

The A340 RC Airliner was produced as a one-off model in 2007 and never manufactured as a kit by EDFmodel. This kit is no longer available.  

A340 RC airliners that are available maybe seen here.

Model description - 311

The A340 design was a combination of traditional construction and unique EDFmodel assembly techniques

Wingspan: 1970 mm (6.5 Ft), length 2200 mm (7.3 Ft),Weight: AUW 1620g (3.5 lb).


311 rcairliner -40


311 rcarliner 45

311 rcairliner-10


311 rc airliner 46


Control surfaces: All moving tail plane, inboard fowler flaps, ailerons, rudder and steerable nose wheel.

Retractable wheels: DSR-46 retractable undercarriage set with controller. Nose doors open and close.

Flaps: Inboard type flaps. 

Lights: 2 x Red fuselage strobes lights, 2 x Wing landing lights, 2 x Wing tip Green/Red lights

Hardware: 2 x Typhoon 600-33 brushless motors in parallel, 2 x  50 Amp speed controllers such as the Com Pro TMM 5024-3 OPTO, 4 x WeMoTec Midi fans (90 mm), 1 x lights and controller, 2 x Hitec HS-45HB (aileron), 1 x Hitec HS-85MG sub micro servos (elevator), 1 x Hitec HS-56HB feather standard servos (retracts),DSR-60 retractable undercarriage set.

Power setup: A total of 7s1p using two separate 3s1p and 4s1p 3300 mAh 20-30C (50 bursts) batteries in series.

The power setup of the A340 was sufficient with two Midi fans.



Airbus A340 RC Airliner Virgin Atlantic 5


Airbus A340 RC Airliner Virgin Atlantic 7

Airbus A340 RC Airliner Virgin Atlantic 4


Airbus A340 RC Airliner Virgin Atlantic 9